Lawyers congress

According to the Articles of Association for Shenzhen Lawyers Association,the lawyers congress is the supreme authority of Shenzhen Lawyers Association.The deputies to the lawyers congress include institutional and individual members.Each deputy has a tenure of two years,which can be renewed if reelected.

The responsibilities of the lawyers congress are to:
1) Formulate,modify and supervise the implementation of the articles of association.
2) Develop industrial development plans and industrial norm.
3) Decide the work policies and tasks of the Association.
4) Deliberate and vote on the work report made by the president on behalf of the council.
5) Deliberate and vote on the work report made by the chairman of the board of supervisors on behalf of the board of supervisors.
6) Deliberate and vote on the financial budget and final accounting report of the council.
7) Formulate the criteria and regulation on payment of the membership fee.
8) Deliberate and vote on the expenditure which amounts to over 500,000 yuan each beyond the budget,or disposal of the fixed assets of the equivalent value.
9) Elect or remove the council members,supervisors and the president.
10) Deliberate and vote on other issues submitted by the presidium.