The secretariat of Shenzhen Lawyers association is an executive organization of the lawyers association for carrying out the decisions and resolutions of the lawyers congress,council,and president office meetings,and undertaking the daily management work of the Association.

Organizations subsidiary to the secretariat
1.Membership department: Registers and manages the members;maintains the membership information of the Shenzhen Lawyer Network;provides the membership data statistics to the relevant departments;communicates with the legal administration of the provincial jurisdictional office,provincial lawyers association,legal administration of the municipal administration,and the public lawyer section of each district with respect to services of the members.
2.Business department: Coordinates the work of the professional committees,organizes further education of the practitioner lawyers,organizes the pre-job training of the practitioner lawyers;coordinates the lawyers to join the legal assistance work and community service work;and coordinates to carry through service exchange and discussion with the international and Hong Kong/Macao and Taiwan regions and other jobs undertaken by the business department.
3.Department of publicity: Edits and publishes Shenzhen Lawyers magazine,an internal magazine of the Association,to handle external publicity,news release,communication,liaison,reception and recommend lawyers to all sectors,and construct and management the Shenzhen lawyer website.
4.Department of discipline: Handles,investigates and reconciles the daily affairs such as complaints,claim of rights and disputes;educates lawyers on professional ethics and disciplines,and supervises the routine practice of lawyers;and applies for claim of lawyer insurance.
5.Office: Responsible for the work such as administrative conference affairs,personnel,finance,assets and logistics assurance of the secretariat;Responsible for coordination and communication with the Party Committee,People's Congress,government,CPPCC,jurisdiction,jurisdictional & administrative organs,superior associations and other parties.