Board of supervisors

The board of supervisors is a standing supervision organization for the period when the lawyers congress is closed,and is accountable to the congress.The supervisors are elected from the lawyer representatives who are courageous of sticking to the principles,adherent to justice and enthusiastic of commonweal.The council members,vice president and president cannot be member of the board of supervisors.The tenure of a supervisor is the same as that of the lawyers congress.

Responsibilities of the board of supervisors:
1) Supervise the status of the council executing the resolutions and decisions of lawyers congress.
2) Supervise the status of the council observing the articles of association and other regulations of the lawyers association.
3) Supervise the status of the council,president,vice president and secretary general in fulfilling the responsibilities.
4) Inspect and supervise the legality,compliance and reasonableness of the revenue and expenditure of membership fees or other expenses.
5) Organize the leaving-office auditing for the president,vice president and secretary general.
6) Implement special audit on the lawyers association through recruited CPA firm at the expense of this Association.
7) Propose convening provisional lawyers congresses.
8) After all the council members and the president/vice presidents resign,assume their responsibilities,and organize election of the new council,president and vice presidents.
9) The board of supervisors can appoint persons to sit in on the meetings of the council.
10) Elect or remove the chairman of the board of supervisors.
11) Put forward supervision opinions to the council.
12) Other responsibilities stipulated by the articles of association or the lawyers congress.